About Us

Director at WTTIP

Mrs. Satnam Kaur Sandhu

Starting a successful Institute has never been an easy task. Our mission is to empower women, so that they can earn their living & become independent

Mrs Satnam Kaur Sandhu is herself an Independent women with 24+ years of experience in this field.

Why Us

Why Choose WTTIP

Become skilled with the skills you need to master with this comprehensive program that includes personal attention and feedback.

Easy to understand

All of our courses & modules are very easy to understand

Co-operative Teachers

The teachers envolved with WTTIP are really understanding & co-operative with students

Detailed Explanation

Our courses are extremely practical and not based on theory.

What Our Students Say

Clara Melanie Beautician

I got a job in one of the best beauty academy just because, I had the right skills. WTTIP is what I recommend to you all.

Sarah Allison Art Director

WTTIP is the go to institute if you want to build a career in Beauty Industry. The trainers here have several years of industry experience always making it a fun learning environment.

Adeline Eliana Therapist

I have my completed my music course from this institute. Teachers & staff is amazing, they teach really well

Our Experts

Ewa Beauty Spa Therapists


Mrs Satnam Kaur Sandhu


Mr. Gagandeep Singh sandhu


Elizabeth Sofia

Spa Therapist

Elizabeth Sofia

Spa Therapist

Our unique courses

The Art Of Teaching

Our interestingly designed curriculum and expert teachers with years of experience will make you learn everything without any issues & stress.

Feel the difference

Expertise in courses by WTTIP

WTTIP is a great way to get the most out of your skills and it’s a fantastic way to refresh your creative style.

This courses are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their style and those who want to learn a new skill.

The courses include haircut and styling for the most in-demand styles and is suitable for all hair types.

Facial Therapy
Relaxing Therapy
Body Care Treatment